Wonder Some Useful Lines on How to Date Rich Older Men?

If you have caught the interest of a rich older guy or you are interested in a rich older guy, you may be thinking about the techniques to impress him. Remember rich older men are interested in younger women because of their youthful appearance and fun loving attitude. When dating an older millionaire, there come many challenges that a girl would not have considered before. You need to accept the fact that a rich older man would definitely have a history and that history should not affect you. He would surely have an ex-wife or kids or something in his past that he is not proud of.

Rich older men love to mentor their women. It signals an early protective instinct and excites a sense of power over you. Add a dash of sexy suggestion or hint, and you’ll strike just the right nerves.

“I bet there are many things I would learn from you.”

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“You know, you’re as young as I feel.”

Sooner or later, you’ll have to accept the obvious fact that he’s older and you are younger. You have to make sure that he appreciates that you know what your age difference result in and you don’t care. Creating a light situation of it will take some of the pressure off.

“I need you to hold open doors for me, and there’s one special door.”

Older millionaires are aware of their requirements, and they know what they want. They will appreciate if you also know your needs and goals in life. Chivalry and courtesy are still there when it comes to dating rich people. So accept it and enjoy this time along with him.

“Let’s make your ex-wife pissed off.”

Maybe with this one, you may sound like a cad, but if you get a laugh for this one, you're in. After all, which man wouldn’t want to piss off his ex-wife just a little by dating a hot and a young woman?

“So, where’s the pre-nup?”

Sure the innuendo is cheesy, but it could be directly on the money — pun intended. Coming on to a certain older millionaire by joking about the risks that he may not want to discuss will surely remove you from the gold-digger bracket. Prove him that you have a sense of humor about the possible problems that you’ll have to encounter.

Hence, being a real, genuine and straightforward person, with a great sense of confidence and self-respect, will help you a lot as it is more attractive than your looks or outfit.

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