Not enough of resources? You are the millionaire man’s choice!

I had a friend named Lisa who could barely survive the winters due to the lack of resources that her family could gather after much toil and multiple double-shifts. But today if you will see her, she is the one who owns that red Ferrari and wears the best of the evening gowns. To much surprise she swept a millionaire off his feet! Dear ladies this is no joke but a real life incident and a story quite similar to that of Cinderella’s.

Millionaire’s preferences

A millionaire man prefers the lady who can appreciate him and his money and not just love it. He knows that a woman who has seen the hard times will value his efforts and the dedication he has shown towards the work will not go unnoticed. This is why his first preference is to date someone who understands the importance and value that the money holds. You never know if he is impressed enough he might just want to settle down with you.

Boost to his ego

Millionaires prefer to date a woman with limited resources and another reason for that might be that he can then feel powerful. Dating a girl who has not seen the riches of the world and has not enjoyed the luxuries gives him a chance to shower her with all the gifts and take her by surprise by bringing things to her feet. This is like an ego boost for him and makes him feel like the supreme power.

The keeper

Woman who gets to taste the riches through his millionaire partner and also has her first experiences of luxuries and traveling around the world or being showered with gifts is more likely to stay for a longer period. In fact she can be considered a keeper if she actually respects your profession and you for being so dedicated. The one who can support him and be on his side throughout is a keeper for him and he would obviously prefer a partner like her.

Obviously attractive

Last but not the least; you have him forever if you are attractive, along with being devoted and considerate. He will surely like to have the partner who has almost all the qualities and is ready to go through the same routine as his. Beauty with brains is the key to the millionaire’s heart!

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