Chasing Rich Men: For Love or For Economic Benefits

Many young ladies have a fantasy of dating a rich man. For such young ladies, having a rich man to deal with their requirements and needs and treat them to a higher quality of life is at the top of their life's goals. It may be even ahead of having a good career or accomplishing something in their own way.


However, finding and dating, and after that living with a rich man, isn't that simple. Apart from the competition and challenges from other young women searching for their own particular rich man, there are a number of different issues to be considered. One key inquiry which perpetually continues to emerge in the minds of many younger ladies is: Should I date a rich man for love or for the economic advantages it can bring me?


Who wouldn't like to date a man who is rich and love her back? Which young woman won't like to find a great looking, kind, adoring, faithful and good-hearted rich man?


However, often by the very nature of rich men, particularly the ones who have accomplished their riches themselves, they need a ruthless streak or, in other words, you can say that they need a hard heart. Usually, rich men have the pick for the best lady from among many beautiful ladies, and there will always be other younger women looking to attract them.


A woman who dates a rich man believing she is love with him may need to endure or acknowledge some aforementioned attributes which go hand in hand with a man being rich and successful. Likewise, many rich men have very little time for their girlfriend or partner as they are too busy working or traveling - in other words, it can be said they are dedicated (or hitched) to their work. So to date rich man, his lady needs to understand his priorities and also accept them in the way he is.


On the other hand, there are the young women who date rich men basically for the economic advantages that such relationships bring with them. It doesn't make a difference if the rich man is great looking, attractive, has a decent constitution or has a decent identity - everything relies upon whether he has money and is generous with it!


In the latter case, many young women chasing rich men are prepared to overlook any character flaws simply to get a better life, and this is genuine whether the woman herself is from a poor or supposed white collar class foundation; it’s all about getting access to the money and benefits it brings with itself.


While there is no right or wrong in matters of the heart, for young women chasing rich men to date or marry, it might be worth taking a step backward and taking an objective view of what they really want from their relationship.

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